2016 Public Policy priorities

At Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota, our advocacy and public policy work is an integral piece of helping the organization fulfill its mission of eliminating barriers to employment and independence, particularly at a systems change level. To that end, we must prioritize our advocacy and policy efforts for the greatest impact. As an organization, we serve such a wide and diverse array of people that nearly all human service and workforce policies have some impact on program participants. We believe that a larger framework is needed to better define our annual priorities and provide focus for limited time and resources. We have identified the following key strategic areas as having the greatest importance for defining our advocacy and policy work. These goal areas will help to shape and define our specific advocacy and policy priorities for the coming years.

Goal #1: Help move individuals and families out of poverty and to economic self-reliance.

  • Expand career pathways and workforce on-ramp options for low-income adults (federal and state).

  • Secure fatherhood program funding to expand services for low-income dads (federal and state).

  • Expand employment and training opportunities for low-income individuals through the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits (federal and state).

  • Prosperity for All campaign– Increase monthly grant to families on the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) by $100 (state).

Goal #2: Reduce racial disparities especially as they relate to employment in Minnesota.

  • Target resources toward employment program with sound outcomes to make progress toward racial equity in Minnesota employment rates.

  • Reduce severity of drug-sentencing laws (state).

  • Voting restoration (state).

Goal #3: Increase access to services and independence for individuals with disabilities.

  • Increase opportunities for competitive employment for persons with disabilities.

  • Increase funding for Extended Employment (state).

  • Expand access to Individual Placement  and Support (IPS) supported employment (state).

  • Monitor Olmstead plan implementation (state).

  • Increase Medical Assistance income standard for people with disabilities (state).

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