2015 Annual Report
Photo of Bryan, a Goodwill participant. He states that quote I think how I perceive working and my future has changed. I’ve gained a lot of helpful experience and helpful advice that will put me on track to stay gainfully employed for the rest of my life.

Annual report: Making an Impact

Every year at Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota, there are many great achievements made by our employees. One way we recognize their work is with an annual report.

Annual reports offer nonprofits a way to connect with their supporters and stakeholders. Our annual report is a summary of the work we've done throughout the year to help further our mission. It provides financial information so our supporters can see how their contributions were invested, and how their contributions impacted the individuals and the communities in which we live

The theme we've picked for our 2015 annual report is Making an Impact. It's a theme that was chosen because the services and programs we are able to create from the contributions we receive have made a positive impact in the lives of the participants and communities we work with.

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